Considering surrogacy abroad?

Are you considering surrogacy abroad?

My Surrogacy Journey are leaders in providing exceptional support when it comes to surrogacy for British intended parents.

Learn more about our new, improved and ethical pathway with never before seen dual in-country membership benefits, supporting everyone on an ethical and safe journey through our Mexico City pathway, with support from our UK team and new Mexico City team.

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Intended Parents

Family building for British domiciled intended parents via international surrogacy has evolved rapidly since as recently as 2016, with the removal of India and Thailand from the destination list, both very popular destinations for those turning to surrogacy.

Since then, British parents sought new options. Ukraine became the rapidly emerging destination for those parents who were working to a specific budget. The USA for some was seen as too expensive, Canada’s very long match times are now exceeding that in the UK, and this is where Ukraine very quickly became the 3rd most popular destination for heterosexual British IPs.

Since the war in Ukraine this country is no longer a safe pathway to access, and as a result people are turning to a number of other emerging destinations, many of which are exploitative and unsafe for a number of reasons.

Why have we created a new membership and surrogacy program?

My Surrogacy Journey wanted to create a new and considered supported pathway to parenthood, and one that hadn’t been created previously to the level of detail we wanted to provide. We wanted to include all the elements in your journey that we know you will appreciate and need, which even includes the cost of your UK parental order (via a choice of two leading UK family law experts) on return to the UK.

With international surrogacy experiencing so much change and disruption currently, we wanted to create a brand-new programme. One that leads, rather than follows. Offering greater enhancements of support, previously unseen in destinations such as Ukraine, Georgia, Cyprus, Greece and even in Mexico.

We wanted a destination that was more inclusive than Ukraine and Georgia, yet offering a comparable cost point but with added benefits we’re so known for, which included your UK parental order via the High Court.

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We lead, others try to follow...

Our members are not introduced to any surrogates until the below surrogate screening/process is complete:
  • Initial consultation with our surrogate lead
  • Clinical assessment with our own MSJ Director 
  • Case reviewed by our fertility expert based in the UK
  • Identity and background checks completed 
  • Independent legal assessment completed with law firm that exclusively represents our surrogates 
  • All legal representation for our surrogates and IPs is completely independent of our organisation
  • Surrogate medical and life insurance policy begins 
  • Thorough fertility assessment which includes a saline infusion scan
  • Extensive clinical assessment including cultures and blood work 
  • Legal term conduct full contract review 
  • Psychological evaluation
  • Social & economic assessment


For us, creating a safe pathway, that is available to everyone – no matter your sexual orientation or HIV status may be.

Even if you needed double donation, we wanted to find a route to parenthood for our members. The pathway needed to be both ethical and non-exploitative, this is always our goal. This reflects in the partners we have engaged; one in particular is a specialist human rights lawyer working to protect women in Mexico City. In fact, all the lawyers that support our intended parents or surrogates are independent of our agency and all are experts in reproductive injustice. Meaning everyone is in the safest pair of hands.

Before launching this programme in 2022 we physically met with every single partner during our time in Mexico City, including all medical and fertility professionals, lawyers and even the British Consul at the Embassy in Mexico City, to ensure our pathway is the safest and most efficient option for British intended parents who are choosing a route to parenthood other than in the UK and North America.

We’ve considered everything.

This is your journey.


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